Vases Faces

Field: Installation
Medium: Soft Indoor Banner, Color Wave Print
Size: 5400*800mm
Year: 2021

Comparing women with vases is a notorious metaphor and an undeniable materialization of women. Intended to break the derogatory label of VASE and free women from this metaphor, I invited girls to send me their photo and use the vase face illusion to create a new portrayal of their faces. The side profile becomes the shape of the vase and the trace of the front face becomes the background stars.

The only approach to oppose gaze is to tell our own story in our own words. A hundred girls' faces are collected and made into vases. Each vase is so unique, existing tenderly and firmly in this universe. The vases can be so fragile but they are so solid standing there, representing women’s strength and resilience.

刻板印象中,东亚女性是温顺、感性且可被控制的。中文语境中,当一个女孩被比喻作花瓶,她们便成为美丽而空虚的符号。这个比喻是将女性物化的最有力证据之一。 在被男性凝视所主导的数百年生活之下,女性的回望可能是一场叛逆。


这 4 张动态海报是为印刷装置作品“Vases Faces”设计的。

在这个装置中,100 个亚洲女孩的脸被重新诠释并设计成 100 个花瓶。该项目打破了将女孩与花瓶进行比较的臭名昭著的比喻,旨在以讽刺的方式讨论男性注视下的亚洲女权主义结构。 女权主义可以是多种多样的。 海报再次使用花瓶,通过展示花瓶掉落地面的不同可能,挑战了 BREAK 的概念,并展示了对抗性别权力的潜在可能性。(破,立,弹,融)

Caught between traditional Confucian education and Western radicalism, between young determined activists and authoritarian repression and surveillance, Chinese-specific feminism is rising.

Feminism can be diverse. Using the face vase illusion again, I intended to challenge the notion of BREAK and present the potential possibilities of the fight against gender power.