(un) Lucky Card

Field: Graphic
Year: 2020

Using bright colours and a humous tone, the project (un)Lucky Card explores the conflict between the human's tendency to seek certainty from uncertainty and the subsequent inability to find any.

People’s enthusiasm in those inspirational quotes on Pinterest and religions tells the tendency for humans to hide into the positive blessing words. However, like how Hermann Hesse indicated about Self-deprecating in his book “Steppenwolf”, all the language signs that instigate people to be strong, open-minded, tolerant and open can't save me, self-deprecating is the only way to save me. The antidote to life’s disorder and meaninglessness is the humour.

I adopted the classic sentence structure from the lucky cookies and Japanese Omatori visual style, designed a series of lucky cards. Each of the cards shows a good wish but with a negative, boring explanatory text underneath in order to engage with the audience in a humorous way.

(un) Lucky Card 用一种鲜艳的视觉与幽默的语言,讨论了人类习惯从不确定性中寻找确定性,从无意义中寻找意义的的行为。


我采用了日式的视觉风格和幸运饼干纸条里常用的句式“You are... , ... will come to you”。每张卡片都用一个积极的词语作为标题,但以一句幽默,丧且无聊的句子作为注释。

You are healthy 
You will live a long life
More loss and tragedy will come to you.
ou are warm
You will persistenr overheating
The globle warming will come to you.

You are unstopable
You will be faster than the speed of light
No future will come to you.

You are brave
You will join the Avengers
The war of the emd of the world will come to you.

You are wise
You will pass the exam
More exams will come to you.

You are powerful
You will be the king of the world
four billion stupid netizens will come to you.