The 4th Wall-From the Green Dot to the Vases

Medium: Recycle paper, Riso print
Size: 410*230mm

The two double-sided newspapers are the visual collections of my research, writings and drawings. Textures and styles are adopted from old newspaper reports of Mary Maclane (The first lady who break the fourth wall in cinematic history).

1. A hidden metaphor of the WALL is proposed: what else can be the Wall and who are there behind the wall watching? I took the scene of Beckett’s famous play Waiting for Godot and replaced the two characters with a green dot that lit up next to our laptop camera.

2. If the wall acts as the tulle of mutual gaze, what is the power dynamics behind the gaze? Marry Maclane is the first people to break the fourth wall in the movie history. As Bell Hook wrote: “Looks that were seen as confrontation, as gesture of resistance, challenges to authority.” After hundreds years life under the Male Gaze, it may be a rebellion for woman to watch back, from the Olympia by Manet to Mary’s film.

3. While reading Mary's autobiography. I feel empathy through the soft, chaotic, and contradictory personality that she created as a woman. I tried to capture those emotions through a series of abstract illustrations and writings. Those works hence, to a certain extent, is a joint work between me and Mary Maclane.

4. There are some stereotypes about Asian Woman, we are docile, subservient, Sensual and manipulative. Even in Chinese, Vase is a metaphor for woman that to imply that the emptiness of beautiful woman. This metaphor might be the strongest case of objectifying women. However, is beauty really related to value? Or should women’s value be measured?

项目从Breaking the 4th Wall 的概念开始开始(第四面墙,也就是戏剧理论中将演员与观众隔开的无形墙)。通过对“Break”和对“Wall”的不断追问,反映了从社交媒体和监视到男性凝视和亚洲女权主义等多种主题。

两张报纸是展现项目研究发展的视觉集合,提出一个关于the Wall的隐喻:墙还能是什么,墙后还有谁?Mary Maclane是电影史上第一个打破第四面墙的人,也是一名女性主义者,我试图过一系列抽象的插图和文字与她所构造的世界共情。