The Big Great Tomorrow

Exhibition: Across RCA-Time Capsule
Field: Installation
Year: 2019

The Big Great Tomorrow aims to express the conflicts between the picture in high-tech product advertisements and the actual situation in real life. When judging the present situation, we always tend to lack a satisfaction. However, when looking forward to the future with the anticipation of technology, we hope that it is the machine that will allow the possibilities of freedom in human’s life. At the same time, we cherish the past and we try to rebuild the “Golden Age” that once existed. Advertising of high-tech devices continues to produce the pink bubbles of “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and the past is also an illusory world which only exist in history. The present therefore is in an endangered position.

On the other hand, a carpet is a common element in a house that is often placed at the main entrance in order to display a warm greeting. However, when these soft carpets send us signals that we are entering into the ideal world that we are looking for, we might need to think again. What is exactly the Ideal World? Did it exist before? Will it happen in the future?

I also designed the visual identity for this exhibition (including posters and flyers).