Spring Edition Limitated

Field: Graphic
Year: 2020

Due to the pandemic in 2020. The relationship between us and our actual lives has changed. Most of the people are stuck in their bedrooms while the spring is happening outside. The boundary between individuals and the world has blurred and the only exit we can reach is the network. The screens has become the windows and the flowers outside has tuned into digital emojis of flowers.

By using graphics and fonts with only hand drawing, the process of making Spring Edition Limited is more like a meditation for me. Those works help me to clearly understand the time and space where I live.

春日限定由一系列在iPad上的手绘排版组成,每一张都以一个emoji的花朵表情作为主题,并将创作日期作为排版元素。 2020年的疫情大大改变了我们的生活状态,我们花更多的时间在手机用户端上,在社交媒体上与家人朋友沟通,使用大量的emoji花朵表情,却无法看到窗外真正盛放的鲜花。