Ritari Care

Field: Branding and Packaging
Client: Ritari Care
Year: 2019

Ritari Care is a Chinese skincare brand that targets a demographic of 18-25-year-old women. I highlight the brand’s “young and fresh spirit”, but also to “maintain a calm and professional image”.

The illustrated pattern ties into the naturally sourced ingredients in the products: flowers, fruits and plants, emphasising the brand’s organic approach. The system of patterns is also adopted in the packaging that corresponds to different product lines.

Ritari是一个专注于为18至25岁的年轻女孩提供皮肤护理的品牌。 Ritari从水果,花卉和植物中提取,始终保持自然美的精神。 设计作品从多种提取物中提取出基本图形和色彩,使整体风格既沉稳又年轻。 此外,包装使用中不同的图案可以对应不同的产品线。